Service Delivery Process

We have defined the following process that will help in ensuring the eficient management for all of our projects. The process is created to offer support over the entire lifetime of a project and each element is assigned to address the specific needs and objectives.

Delivery & Production

Collecting feedback on each iteration, it allows us to improve our delivery sprint by sprint. Using a branching strategy designed for each project and Continuous Integration tools, we ensure that the features are delivered, tested and promoted to production.

Defining together with our clients a release strategy based on their business milestones, we can define multiple versions of the products by adding miscellaneous features to the MVP.

We ensure a straightforward deployment process by providing technical documentation and deployment guide for each project.

Project Kickoff

Once we created an industry specialized development team, we will start to implement the MVP to ensure that beta version of the product can be deployed on production.

By working with Agile methodologies, we ensure that on each iteration, our clients can test and validate new features. 

Using tools such as Jira or Confluence to track the work and to document all neccesary specifications and NFR's , we make sure that the requirements are always aligned between the client and the development team.

Staff Augmentation

Based on the outcomes of the discovery sessions, we analyze which technologies fits best acording to the development of the specific product and then we start building our development team.

Managing the team with Agile tools and through introducing each member of the development team to our internal processes, we make sure that the entire development process is tailored to the specific needs.

Depending on the specificity of the project, one or multiple testers will join our team in order to ensure the quality of the product. 

Presales & Discovery

During workshop sessions we uncover details of business problems which our clients are facing. Therefore, we will research and deepen these key aspects accordingly and will proactively recommend different thechnologies and software solutions.

Our main focus is on the following elements:
 - Identifying solutions for customer pain points
 - Product research
 - Market research
 - PoC & presentations
 - Timeline proposal
 - Data analysis
 - High level estimates
 - Project Proposals

ABIT is an Agency that combines software development and business management  ready to get involved in innovative projects. 

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We believe in Napoleon Hill's Mastermind Principle. Therefore, we know that the team is the most important piece of the puzzle that will lead us to achieve the best possible solutions.


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We are in the process of building a free sharing resources application that will be used around the world to keep usable items out of landfill.

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