Technical Expertise

Acting as Team Lead or Senior Software Engineer in a projects with 5 to 60+ members. We have expertise in proposing foldable technical solutions for different business requirements and coordinate development teams (between 5 and 13 persons) to design, implement, integrate and deliver multiple subsystems.

We are experts on different business zones such as:

  • Developing a complex business document publishing workflow;
  • Design and implement a subsystem for Managing the Roles and Permissions for the whole application;
  • Integrate Microsoft Power BI to generate visualizations for big data;
  • Built solution for managing screenshots of Microsoft Power BI reports/visuals and generating PDF files from pages;
  • PoC for integration of a new WYSIWYG into to simplify the tables management

We have the necessary expertise to design and implement solutions to migrate data from different systems. Our knowledge was achieved from multiple projects where we developed PowerShell migration scripts based on specific business logic for more than 60 GB of data like pages, documents, media etc.

We have expertise in designing solutions for managing the roles and permissions for big application with thousands of active users.

We had responsabilites in:

  • Understanding the business objectives for this subsystem;
  • Analysis and Design the integration part with the whole applications;
  • Architecture and Design for the whole subsystem;
  • Implementation, Testing and Support;
  • Integration and Delivery;
  • Documentation

We have deep knowledge in integration with different external services. We have made several PoCs and made the development part for client internal services or external ones like:

  • Microsoft Power BI;
  • PDF generation service;
  • Azure Services;

We have expertise in Cloud Architecture and Service Integration for different business products. We worked with different Azure services such as:

  • Azure Web Applications;
  • Azure Active Directory;
  • Azure Active Directory B2C;
  • Azure Cache for Redis;
  • Analysis Services;
  • Azure Key Vault;
  • Azure Blob Storage;
  • Azure Web Jobs;
  • Azure Logic Apps;
  • Database:
    • Azure CosmosDB;
    • Azure SQL Database;
  • Azure Virtual Network;
  • Form recognition;
  • Azure functions;
  • Azure pipelines (CI/CD).

We have expertise in designing Document Management Platforms using SharePoint 2013/2016 infrastructure. We are experts in providing valuable solutions for:

  • Business complex workflows
  • Document management
  • Enterprise search
  • Publishing portal for big data
  • Roles and permissions
  • Custom design and components
  • Taxonomy navigation structured applications

Among the most important features we can emphasize:

  • Complex user import system based on specific Taxonomy and Roles
  • Design and implement custom Powershell scripts to import client data (more than 60 GB of documents, images and pages) based on a specific business logic
  • Custom Roles and Permissions system based on the client internal management workflow
  • Design and implement multiple workflows such as: publishing, retention, archiving etc.
  • Custom Search Web Parts based on a specific Navigation Taxonomy
  • Design and implement different timer jobs for analytical purposes
  • Create design migration scripts to update all pages
  • Developed multiple customizations and Custom Actions on SharePoint Rich text editor
  • Create app to authenticate to external service using Federated Authentication
  • Developed multiple Web Parts to show specific data from SharePoint lists and Document Libraries based on Taxonomy, Roles and Permissions.

We have expertise on multiple modern E-Commerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce by creating end to end solutions with specific client customizations and multiple Apps.



This is the list of technologies that we use:    
.NET Framework, .NET Core, Java, SharePoint Online, Angular 2+, React.js, Flutter, Javascript, Typescript, DevOps (Azure, AWS), Wordpress, Vue.js, QA Automation (Java, Selenium).


Azure and AWS Services

Some of Clout Services we worked with:
Microsoft Power BI, Azure DevOps, Azure Web Applications, Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory Authentication, Azure Active Directory B2C Authentication, Azure Cache for Redis, Analysis Services, Azure Key Vault, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Web Jobs, Azure CosmosDB, Azure SQL Database, Azure Virtual Network, Azure functions, Azure pipelines (CI/CD), Azure Container Instance, Azure Container Registry, EC2, S3, CloudWatch, RDS, DynamoDB, Kubernetes, Docker, API Gateway  



Some daily working tools:
Keycloak, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Bitbucket, SourceTree, Jenkins,TeamCity,, Jira, Confluence, Miro, Linear; 

ABIT is an Agency that combines software development and business management  ready to get involved in innovative projects. 

Contact Info

Sanpetru, Brasov, Romania, Galaxiei Street, no. 39

We believe in Napoleon Hill's Mastermind Principle. Therefore, we know that the team is the most important piece of the puzzle that will lead us to achieve the best possible solutions.


Our Charity

We are in the process of building a free sharing resources application that will be used around the world to keep usable items out of landfill.

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