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Custom end-to-end software development

We're a one-stop solution for your software development needs. Our team masters a wide tech stack to help you turn bold ideas into ready-for-market and tangible products. Our expertise includes developing cloud-based web and mobile applications, system integrations, technology migrations, and modernizations. From initial analysis to design, development, testing, and support, we've got you covered.

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Digitalization & integrations

Streamline everyday operations and enhance efficiency through high-end integrations. Our team is here to make your digitalization process hassle-free from start to finish. We provide seamless integrations with various external services ensuring optimal functionality and a cohesive digital experience for your business. Our commitment to interoperability enhances efficiency and unlocks new possibilities in your software ecosystem.

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Dedicated development team

Scale effectively through complete remote development team solutions. We help you tap into a large pool of senior talent from Romania without investments in recruitment or infrastructure. This way, you can scale and downsize your team seamlessly to fit your specific project requirements. From front-end and back-end development to project management and beyond, we help you access the right expertise at the right time.

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Build - Operate - Transfer

With our expertise, we assist in establishing and operating offshore development centers tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive BOT solution includes strategic planning, recruiting top-tier talent, setting up infrastructure, and ensuring a smooth transition of operations. Benefit from our proven track record in managing successful transfers, enabling you to focus on your core business while we handle the complexity of setup and operations.

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Enterprise Payroll Application


Cloud Native


Payroll Portal

The project helped the company to digitize and automate the process of payroll inside and outside the company. It was designed to support the full payroll workflow of the company clients and to be a strategic advantage on selling their financial services.

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ERP Product Team


Build Operate Transfer

Nearshore Team

Within approximately 6 months, we orchestrated the formation and local management of a comprehensive nearshore development team for a German product startup company. We assembled and managed in Romania a full development team of 40 people.

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Software as a Service

Cloud of Legacy

Cloud Native



We developed a SaaS B2C cloud-native web application capable of sustaining millions of users and huge amounts of documents, images or videos. The objective of the project was to provide users with the capability to preserve their emotional and informational legacy, enabling them to share it with family and friends.

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E-Commerce application

i5 Capital


AWS Services


We have developed an E-commerce application from scratch for an United States company using low-code integration's tools such as Airtable and Swell. Our role was to find the low-code tools that helped us to deliver a full custom e-commerce experience in a short period of time. The product scope was to offer the online presence for a local Washington bakery.

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Our way of work

Choose your fit from multiple collaboration models

With flexibility as our core value, we provide various ways of work tailored to your specific business needs.

Time & Materials

Don’t have all your project scopes and objectives defined upfront? No problem. You will only pay for the hours worked by the development team. Our team provides clear reports and regular updates every step of the way, keeping you in control as we progress by working in an agile environment that gives you clear visibility throughout the entire process cycle.

Fixed Price

Choose this model for maximum clarity and predictability of your project. Fixed price models allow you to manage your budget confidently knowing that the agreed-upon cost covers the entire scope of work.

Team Extension

Cherry-pick the additional expertise needed to complement your in-house talent. Access skilled professionals that integrate perfectly into your team and scale up or down seamlessly based on project specifics. We’re here to help you ensure that you have the right mix of skills needed to succeed.

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We prioritize our client’s stability and success in all collaborations as we’re masters at blending modern technologies with experience to provide solutions that make a real impact.
When you choose to work with us, you choose guaranteed stability, transparency, and resilience from start to end.
Whether we’re talking full-cycle development or augmented staff solutions, we have proven ways to get your project from A to B in the most efficient way possible.

Extensive range of tools & technologies

We leverage our expertise in top industry technologies to help you build and deploy future-proof software solutions. From cloud infrastructure to app development to testing and support, we have your back.

Facile access to senior developers

Assemble your own development squad in no time and take your project to the next level. Don’t lose precious time scoping for the right talent – we link you up with experienced senior developers who will supercharge your development.

Flexible rates & adjustable budgeting

We offer multiple collaboration models so you can find the solution that fits your budget and project specifics best. Get in touch with us to define a custom approach for your project.
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